Application development experiences.

During my professional way I have worked in several companies.
From the machine-tool manufacturing, quality assurement, production, electronics and other areas I gained knowledges and I was involved in projects for differents business areas.

Automation and Numeric Controls (PLC & CNC)

Manufacturing line with Fanuc CNCs Details ... Customized CAD-CAM to design mounting holes
  • Automatized feed - evacuation systems of parts.
  • Automatized transport of parts.
  • FL-NET descentralized periphery.
  • Customized M-Codes and parameters.
  • CNC Automatized peripherals.
  • PC control application in .net C# for transference of information to CNC.
  • Cutting tool management.
  • Automatic calculation of cutting parameters.
  • Scale design and positioning.
  • Axis movement optimization.
  • Transference of information to Fanuc CNCs.
  • Machining control process. NET C# application
Milling machine automation. PC, CNC & PMC (FANUC) Details ... Siemens PLC automation
  • Transference of machining parameters to the CNC by PC customized application.
  • Fanuc PLC-CNC programming.
  • Full machine automation.
  • Tool holder management, spindle orientation and homing.
  • Jaw system automation, oiling, coolant, chip conveyor and peripherals.
  • Customized M codes.
  • Machine tool automation.
  • Robotized part orientation by optical fiber.
  • Mobys.
  • Yamaha RCX
  • Touchscreen.
  • Profibus.
  • PLCs S7 300
B&R PLC automation. Siemens, Omron, Rockwell
  • Fodd industry automation.
  • CANopen networks.
  • Beckhoff descentralized periphery
  • B&R realtime programming.
  • Integrated touchscreen.
  • Ethernet communications.
  • Siemens SCL development.
  • FIFO stacks for PLC.
  • Customized timers.
  • Special counters.
  • Ethernet communication modules for PLCs.
  • OPC communication objects for PC.
  • COM and DCCOM objects for PCs.

Benchmark and instrumentation

Output shaft benchmark Artificial vision leakage detection
  • Fatigue strength testing.
  • Accelerated material failure by fatigue.
  • Torque testing.
  • Breakage testing.
  • Four chamber tightness control with four cameras.
  • Inspection area definition.
  • Rejection control.
  • PLC communication.
  • Communication with software process monitoring.
Software for profile measurement stations Software for measurement stations
  • Two axis data acquisition, analogic (transducer) and digital (encoder).
  • Distance measurement, mid point calculations, radius calculation, anglemeasurement ...
  • Full user programmable.
  • User graphic definition.
  • Statistics calculation.
  • Runout graphics, parallelism, bias ...
  • Multiple hardware support.
Software for tool wearing, breakage and collision detection in real time Fourier sound analizer
  • Active power measurement.
  • Wear measurement and control.
  • Tool collision detection.
  • Tool breakage detection.
  • Storing of tool behaviour.
  • Spectrogram of frequency. Amplitude monitoring with color bars.
  • Spectrogram of frequency. Amplitude coloring.
  • Digital filters.
  • PCM generation.

Data acquisition, monitoring and control Details ...

Machine-tool monitoring and diagnosis Manufacturing plant monitoring
  • Manufacturing process monitorization.
  • Preemptive maintenance.
  • Corrective maintenance.
  • Production control for each operator.
  • Tool life control.
  • CNC.
  • Video help online.
  • Hypertext help.
  • Ethernet network monitoring.
  • Remote monitorizacion.
  • 20 machine data acquisition
Data acquisition for manufactirung lines Data acquisition for Pressing machines
  • Production order management for the manufacturing line.
  • Manufactured parts control.
  • Data display and export.
  • Autosave data.
  • Tridimensional representation of the model.
  • Pressing curve acquisition.
  • Press curve display.
  • Query of data.
  • Curve data storage.

Software for quality and production management

Enterprise management modules by web pages, PHP, ASP, AJAX, JavaScript and SQL Server technologies Quality and production control modules.
  • Articles.
  • Clients.
  • Providers.
  • Orders.
  • Delivery notes.
  • Invoices.
  • Projects management.
  • Work notes.
  • Time calculation.
  • Enterprise management software integration.
  • Production orders definition.
  • Operations definition.
  • AMFE.
  • Control guidelines.
  • Part definition.
  • Workflow.
  • Control registers.
  • Process control plan.
  • Revision management.
  • AMFE histogram.
  • Drawings and documents linkage.
  • Communication with data acquisition terminal.
  • Operator control.
Estatistics software
  • Machine capacity (CM, CMK).
  • Process capacity (CP, CPK).
  • XR - XS graphs.